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Plague Doctor Divinity

on May 31, 2010 - 11:05am

Plague Doctor Divinity by Ghoul FridayEver since I made the Plague Doctor door snake, my brain has been churning ideas of white-masked sculptures.

I don't want them to look like everyone else's, but I do want it to be identifiable (at least in the sense they are 'inspired by' plague doctors).

I decided that I would do a mixed media for the forms - clay masks and maybe cloth bodies. Even with these decisions made, I could not move forward.

The roadblock for me was that I kept thinking what if. What if the plaque doctor wasn't a person at all, but an actual creature? In fact, what if it was some sort of spirit. Something not of this world.

Setting my original plans aside for the moment, I indulged myself. I extended his neck. I gave his body a slight S shape. I didn't worry about arms. I had some fun with his mask.

The idea of plague doctor as divinity speaks to me so much I may have to alter my plans for the next ones I make.

This one is made of polymer clay and stands approximately 6" high. The next ones will be taller.

Sadly, my little spirit does not have the gift of flight and, due to my clumsiness, took a tumble off the table. He's suffered a hairline crack on one side of his hood towards the back (you can see it in the right picture below).

Anyone have a fix for a finished piece that doesn't look like a fix? I would rather him have a tiny flaw than a glaring clay bandage.


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because i would buy this in half a heartbeat. nice work.

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