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Plague Doctor: Blue Bird of Unhappiness

on July 2, 2010 - 8:38pm

Plague Doctor by Ghoul FridayEver since I painted the first red Plague Doctor, I've been itching to make a blue one.

Here he is, a skeletal blue jay mask and bright blue leather hiding his true face from us.

You see, these aren't human Plague Doctors. They look like them, and they mingle with the sick and diseased, but there is no benevolence in their attention to the ill. No pity for the suffering of mankind. They simply chose this form because it was the simplest to replicate, having to only shift their appearance slightly to adapt to an acceptable sight on any street corner so long ago.

Should two of these creatures cross each other's path, there is no greeting, no acknowledgement of their presence. They simply pass by, or hover over the sickly individual on opposite sides of his deathbed.

The only telltale sign that would give away these creatures unearthly origins is their movement: they seem to glide, unable to mimic the cadence of a human step.

Of course, you'd also realize they weren't human if you were to unmask them.

I wouldn't advise trying it.

Plague Doctor by Ghoul Friday

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