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**Petrified Pyramid

on September 20, 2011 - 5:42pm
Download the .pdf: 

Similar to the famous television game show, this game has players compete in teams. They choose categories and attempt to get their partners to guess as many answers in that category as they can within a time limit.


Print out the master sheets and question cards (available with the instructions in the pdf version above). Cut out the question cards. If you like, glue them to construction paper/poster board.

You will need 2 chairs facing each other.

You, the host, will want to stand on the side facing the 'Giver' (behind the chair of the 'Receiver'). This way you can watch both the person giving the clue and the team players to make sure no one is giving hints.

You will need a timer (preferably something you can quickly set that has an audible beep/ding when time is up).

You will need a pen to label which team answered which set of questions, and how many points they earned.

Create a list of the categories for viewers to choose from. I've included the following categories, but feel free to create your own:

Mi Castle es Su Castle Weird Science Monster Mash A Grave Situation Cut Lucky Charms Dentist's Dream Wes-terns Oldies but Goodies Bag of Tricks Tricky Trinities Woodworking

You may wish to create an extra list or two in case you need a tie-breaking round.

Game Play:

All players are divided into two teams. If one team has an odd number of players, have them choose someone to play twice.

The number of players you allow on a team depends solely on the number of question cards you have. I have provided enough cards to allow for 12 players total - 6 on each team.

Devise a way to determine which team goes first (or let Team A go first).

Invite the first two players from the team to sit in the chairs. Ask that the 'Giver' sit in the chair facing you.

The 'Giver' will choose from the list of 12 category topics. For example, "Clowning Around"

The host announces what that category is about (the topic located beneath the category titles on the Master Sheet. For example, "Horror Movies with Clowns in them") and hands the question card to the 'Giver'.

The 'Giver' now has 30 seconds to give clues to the 'Receiver', trying to get them to name as many answers as possible (in order) on the card. They cannot use any words (in full or in part) from the answer or try to rhyme the words. For example, if the first answer is the movie "IT", the 'Giver' could say "A Stephen King story. Tim Curry. Lives in the sewers".

The 'Receiver' may say "Pass" at any time to move onto the next answer if they are stuck. The 'Giver' will continue through the list. If time allows, the 'Giver' can try giving clues a second time for any skipped answer (again, in order).

Follow along on your master sheet and keep score. You are the judge on whether or not an answer counts or if a player has broken the rules.

Be sure to indicate when the 'Receiver' has answered correctly. For every correct answer, that team gets a point.

For every broken rule or cheat, that team must skip the answer and the opposing team gets a point.

The team with the most points wins.

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