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Pedestrian X Art

on August 24, 2008 - 5:43pm

artist and doll
Today I get to blog about two favourite subjects: local artists and original creepy creations.

See the sweet face in the picture? That young lady is Heather Gillies, the Ontario artist who makes simple little plush dolls and transforms them into flesh eaters with her acrylic paints.

I met Heather and her mini-zombies at the Festival of Fear. If you missed the expo, and you're interested in picking up one of these little lovelies, don't fret: she has a website promoting her art called

Zombie dolls
In addition to her undead dollies, there are various "plushies" (from killer clowns to bad fairies), pillows, and tote bags. You need to contact her for pricing and negotiating shipping costs (which are all quoted in Canadian funds).

According to her website, she is also working at a bakery and plans to post pictures of her cakes. If they are as ghoulishly gourmet as her dolls, I'll be interested in finding out where I can buy them.

Undecided whether or not to order something from her? Consider this: all of her work is hand made and unique. By purchasing from her, you are supporting local artists who generally don't have a strong community to network with, and you know your money is going straight into the pocket of the artist instead of the bank account of a corporation.

Zombie dolls

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