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Paper Monsters

on October 8, 2011 - 8:36am

Macula has offered up some free paper toys with Halloween themes.

And there's quite a lot of them!

Witches, pumpkins, Frankenstein monsters, vampires, zombies, cyclops, unicorns...any scary creature you can imagine.

They are all posted at the top of the page. Simply scroll through the images, click the one you like, and download.

Get out your trusty-dusty scissors, a bit of glue (or tape) and get going!

I think it's a great way to spend a Thanksgiving weekend. Sadly, unlike most of my Canadian counterparts, I have to work.

Have a Happy Gobble Gobble Day, everyone!


BloodyMelly's picture

Aww, they are cute! Sorry you have to work. I might "work" at some of my Halloween tree ornaments (hanging eyeballs, carnivorous ornaments, a couple of Jack Skellington Santas, etc) for my Halloween tree for that un-nameable holiday right after the winter solstice. (I said the word the other day and a mutual friend gave me a hard time...)
I must thank you for being a crafty inspiration...

Cooter's picture

Ha ... decided I'd make one of ... YOU! Now I have my very own Ghoul Friday paper "monster" ... LOL

Ghoul Friday's picture

*raises eyebrow*

Scary Mary's picture

Those are awsome, thanks! Will have to giv'em a go:) I have a few late nights at the office this week, will be a perfect passing time project. Though I should be working on my jewelry.. Ya, well. Halloween is closing in, I can feel it in my joints!!

Re: Thanks for popping by:) It did take a while before I got the writing spirit back. But I'm definitely back now! We are so happy with the new place:) More space for retro, kitsch and skulls, yay!!

KingUnicorn's picture

I've got a folder of papercraft projects collected far and wide (and a few hard copy cardstock projects offered up through magazines and the like tucked in my bookshelf), but these are so very well done, they have to be nabbed. And Macula has covered the classics with some terrific designs.

Ah, I need more time in my day to play with these things!

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