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One Man's Trash...

on October 12, 2008 - 3:42pm

1940's Gas Stove
I was enjoying a coffee this morning on my porch when I looked across the street and spotted this stove staring back at me.

Kitchen prop, the Halloween voice quickly whispered.

Everyone passing by, on foot or by car, was turning to look at the stove. I knew it wouldn't be there for long, so I quickly got dressed and went for a closer look.

My neighbour, who has lived in the house since the 60's, said the stove is left over from the previous owner who must have purchased it somewhere closer to 1940. It's been in their basement ever since and they decided it was time to finally get rid of it.

With the help of Yetch, the two of us carried it back to our property and into the back yard to be cleaned. First, I attacked it with the air compressor, just to knock out as much of the dust and grime as I could before taking the pressure washer to it.

1940's Gas Stove
It was during this phase that we realized there was insulation in the bottom of it. The word 'asbestos' came up, and I was glad to have been wearing my mask the whole time.

With some help from google, we removed the bit of insulation and disposed of it immediately.

I have nowhere to store this monster with its beautiful cast iron legs and ceramic front, but it will appear in my kitchen for Halloween this year, and perhaps in my garden after that.

The little bottle you see in the pictures is a 'mild and speedy cathartic for children and adults' we found inside the stove, probably left there from the previous owners of the house.

It's a gorgeous piece of furniture. And the mind spins with possibilities.

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