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Homemade Finger Food

plastic fingers in a container of popcorn



  • popcorn (or chips or candy)
  • popcorn container (or a bowl)
  • red food colouring (if consuming) or fake blood or even watered down red paint
  • plastic fake fingers (or other body parts)
  • paper

You may have seen a version of this prop for sale. Make a whole collection of them yourself and save money.

At the same party store that sells a prop like this one for $12 to $20, you can buy a packet of 8 popcorn containers for less than $4 (cheaper if you spot them at the dollar store).

Make some popcorn (if you're using the old fashioned method of popping it yourself, it will cost about 30 cents or less). Get yourself some body parts (I bought 10 fingers for $5.00 and 6 eyeballs for $1.00).

Grab some newspaper/paper from the recycling (free), and you're ready to go. If you have some fake blood, great.

If you wanted to serve this to guests, I would use wax paper.

Crumple some newspaper and press it into the bottom of the popcorn container. For the fake fingers, I filled the container halfway with paper. For the eyeballs (pictured below), I filled the container three quarters full.

Put a few pieces of popcorn into the bag.

eyeballs in popcorn

 Place your body parts on top, and then fill the remaining gaps with more popcorn.

If you are going to actually serve these to guests, sprinkle some red food colouring on the popcorn and body parts (don't use the fake blood). If not, use some fake blood to dribble onto the prop.

Don't be afraid to get creative with different body parts.