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Head Waiter

on September 20, 2011 - 5:41pm

I found this game on and tweaked it slightly. The object of the game is to be the first team to relay a severed head back and forth across a space without dropping it off the plate.


  • 2 blown-up balloons
  • Markers
  • 2 paper plates

Game Play

  1. Divide your guests into two teams of waiters and waitresses.
  2. Give each team a blown-up balloon to decorate as a head, using permanent markers. Allow the ink to dry.
  3. In teams, the participants must race to a finish line and back, keeping their air-headed balloons perched on a paper plate (they must hold it waiter style, with arm up and wrist cocked back). They cannot touch it with their free hand until it has hit the ground.
  4. If the balloon sails to the ground, the person must pick it up, put it back on her plate and finish her leg of the relay by walking backward.
  5. Before each team member starts her leg of the race, her whole team must yell out, "Waiter, there's a head in my soup!"
  6. The balloon must be transfered from one person to the next person on their team without using hands (using the paper plates as tools is fine).
  7. The team where all players have successfully delivered their heads first, wins.

You could give participants shredded paper and tape to add hair to their heads, or you could have the heads decorated before the party begins.

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