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Cannibal Cuisine

A theme I have never attempted, but I am seeing more and more props being sold that can jump start the idea of having an entire butcher/restaurant theme where people are the main dish. Items could include:

  • Butchers prepping either in a kitchen or perhaps hanging corpses on hooks
  • Pots of limbs and eyeballs etc
  • An interesting menu, and perhaps take out menus
  • Skeleton bones on dirty plates
  • Chairs and tables like one would fine in fine dining, only gored up a little
  • Finger foods (ha!) and appetizers
  • Zombie waiters
  • Buckets of discarded bones by each table
  • Chalkboard with specials written on it
  • If it's a haunt, I think it would be cool to have live people behind a cage. Livestock, you see. You could make dummies for them instead if it's a static display. I just find normal humans to be hard to create and make realistic (dead ones I can do!)
  • A chef, of course
  • An open fridge with more goodies showing. Same with a pantry (if you don't happen to have an old fridge)
  • There could even be a bar/lounge area that was ritzed up but ghouled out. Have the guests get the sense they've walked into a normal atmosphere, with tiny tweaks like eyeballs in the martini glasses, perhaps a bloody hand print, a recording of screams and power tools playing softly...