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Montauks: Bird, Bison, Badger

on August 28, 2014 - 11:28pm

First day of FanExpo 2014 has come and gone. And so has most of my Montauks! I only have one bird (the one with the shawl) and two badgers left (pending a pickup tomorrow). Whew! That was fast. 

It was pretty bustling for a Thursday. Perhaps being on a long weekend has spurred folks to take an extra day or two off work.

Lots of familiar faces, both artists and convention goers, which is always nice.

I thought I would post some quick pictures of the Montauk series that has been an immediate hit. You may have seen them on Facebook or Instagram but if you missed it, here's a glimpse. I'll have to make more for my next show which will be the Bazaar of the Bizarre in Toronto on October 12th. More on that later.

Many years ago I made two large props - a bird and a groundhog - that had feathers, fur and skeletal skulls. They were based on the concept of a Montauk which was essentially the corpse of a creature that had washed onto shore and no one knew what it was. 

In my new smaller versions, the Montauks have evolved as beings with cloaks and capes. 


Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)'s picture

These are delightfully creepalicious characters:)

Chad A.'s picture

Hello, Just wanted to say I love your work...unfortunately I should have purchase a plague doctor on Thursday but decided to wait until Sunday which the one I wanted was gone :( dang... regardless I love looking at your artwork there is a quality and imagination that captures me :)

ScaryMary's picture

Think I'm in love with your Montauks :)

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