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Hallowe'en Artists' Studio Trick or Treat

on September 28, 2013 - 7:43pm

This year I am participating in the Halloween Artists' Studio Trick or Treat Tour, where artists sell their work and donate 20% of the sale to an animal charity of their choice.

I chose the non-profit organization of Loyal Rescue Inc, a foster-based rescue in Ontario, Canada. It's made up of volunteers who open their homes to animals and organize mass rescues from puppy mills across North America. It's dear to my heart because that is how I found my beloved Monkey Boo (temporarily named "Honey" by the foster parents). She was malnourished, undersized, riddled with worms and parasites. It breaks my heart to picture her in those conditions, and if I can help save another dog from such misery, I'm happy.

The first picture is the image they used for her adoption page, and the two on the right is my healthy pup enjoying her first Halloween with her new forever family.

Let's get to the items for sale. I'm a bit behind schedule on this as I've been away for a week, but hope to add more items below as time allows. 

So who is up for adoption? And how can you purchase them?

Each item price incudes shipping to anywhere in Canada or the United States. Email me via ghoulfriday(at) using the character name you wish to purchase as the subject line. I will send you an invoice and we can complete a secure transaction via Paypal or, for Canadian residents, an e-transfer.

Pilch looks forward to the Autumn Festival every year.
He tends to his small garden at the edge of the river with a devotion only true green-thumbs can appreciate.
He dotes on all his plants, but he's especially fond of his pumpkin patch which is responsible for producing all the pumpkins to decorate the festival. 
At night, he'll tie a copper plate to his head with a lit candle perched on top to help him work by moonlight in his beloved garden, polishing the pumpkins, weeding, shooing away any little critters who might mistake his masterpieces for a midnight snack. 
This figure is approximately 8 inches tall, made of mixed media.
Price including shipping: $60



Gorza is a Hellion. A worker bee from the firey depths, if you will.

But one that has left the hive. Why? It could be the urge to travel and cause mischief across the lands!
It could be to find a small village and make the peasant folks his slaves to do his bidding!
It could also be that Gorza wants to flatten mountains and burn forests with his fiery breath!
But it turns out, the truth can't get a decent cup of coffee in hell. Brains, sure. You can have brains raw, pureed or cooked 101 different ways.
But a good cup of coffee? No. Too smoky. Over-roasted. No cold spring water to brew with. 
Even Hellions need to take a break now and then to read the local paper with a white mug of dark deliciousness. It makes them more productive.
This figure is approximately 9.5 inches tall, made of mixed media.
Price including shipping : $70
I hope to add some more items soon!
In the meantime, you can check out the other artists on the tour by clicking the poster which will lead you to a map of jack o'lanterns. Each one represents an artist site.





Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)'s picture

And she's looking spiffy in her Halloweeny outfits:)

Wonderful choice of a charity. Our dog Willow was also a rescue and it's always good to hear that there are still folks who care enough to help an animal in need the way you did.

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