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Halloween Figures in the Lucky 13 Sale

on October 9, 2012 - 12:03am

Yesterday (our Thanksgiving Monday) while Canadians everywhere were chowing down on Turkey dinners, I was painting.

I was able to get a number of figures completed (and a few close to completion). As you may know, I'm having my Lucky 13 sale on Etsy up until October 13th, at which point I will put the shop in vacation mode until after my last show of the season.

I sold a number of figures, and wanted to repopulate the store at least a little before time runs out. 

I may add a couple of items later tonight. 

This coming week is a complete write-off, with each hour spoken for. Work, work, and more work with a couple of social engagements at week's end. There will be no time for Halloween decor or figures (I've even written a couple of blog posts ahead of time so I don't get behind in the countdown).

Have some Halloween fun for me this week. Maybe start with some online shopping *wink*


*updated* The happy jack o'lantern sold right after I added him to the shop/before I had time to post this. If you like one of the figures you see here, please get over to the shop and have a look sooner rather than later! I've also added 2 other figures.

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