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Small "Halloween In a Jar" Scenes

on October 8, 2012 - 10:54am

Every year I try to come up with a new "thing" for shows, especially for the Bazaar of the Bizarre (Oct 21st in Toronto) where people tend to like my stuff vs my art if that makes any sense at all. One of the new items for this year is my Halloween in a Jar dioramas. I'd done a handful of prototypes for FanExpo and all sold.

This time around, I've picked up some fairly large jars and some very tiny jars. The pumpkins seen here are for the tiny jars. To put it into perspective, note the size of the penny beside the pumpkins. Teeny weenie! 

Funny thing about tiny one-of-a-kind sculpts: they may use less material, but they take just as long to sculpt, and even longer to paint than their larger counterparts. Not sure how many more teenie-weenies I'll be making in the future. They are super cute but a real stressor.

The cool thing about the jars I found is they have glass in the center of the lid. This means you can see the Halloween scene from all sides plus from above.

Pretty cute. aren't they? There are only 6 of the miniatures available for the show in two weeks. If they sell well, I'll probably make more next year. If not, I'll bring them home, put them on Etsy, or maybe keep a couple for Festival of Fear next year since they did well there. 


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