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Pillsbury Sugar Pucks

on October 7, 2012 - 10:06am

Here in Canada, we don't get as many Halloween-themed foods as our friends south of the border. It's a novelty I lament missing out on, though most of the products are foods I wouldn't normally buy (like sugary cereals or waffles). It would just be nice to see them in the grocery aisle.

The other day, Yetch came home with Pillsbury Cookies that had ghosts on them. 

Generally speaking, on the rare occasion when cookies are in the house, they are usually homemade. I don't enjoy baking (love cooking, hate baking), but if I'm going to indulge, I want it to taste really good.

I am familiar with Pillsbury products. We had them growing up, and when I was in the my early 20s, it was the closest thing to baking that I attempted. 

I knew where to set the bar flavour-wise.

Regardless, there is something magical about ready-stamped cookies with Halloween images! 

I unwrapped the pucks of dough and looked at the back of the box for cooking instructions. Printed across the package are suggestions of ways to "fancy up" your cookies. One suggested rolling them in sprinkles. Well, I have sprinkles, I thought, and if I add them, it's almost like I made them myself, right?

Out came the sprinkles: purple, black and orange. 

Because you know, I am sure these cookies won't be sweet enough as it is.

If you've ever made cookies, you know what the dough feels like. If you've never touched these unbaked Pillsbury cookies, it's solid. Like an industrial eraser. You have to really press these circles into the sprinkles to make them stick (and they do not lose their shape, which is a little scary).


It was actually pretty fun to do. My expectations for taste were fairly low, but this product was about presentation, wasn't it?

And when they came out, I was amused by the turn out: little circles of Halloween.

The taste? Who cares about the taste. Let's not dwell on the taste.

Because aren't they cute?

I want all my food stamped with smiling ghosts.

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