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The Arctic

They used it in "The Thing", and I think it would work as a Halloween theme. It would open up all new doors, and make the creator think outside the box. Besides, white is a great background colour to showcase blood splatters. Items could include:

  • An abominable snowman. Making that prop alone would be an interesting challenge. Stock up on fake white fur material.
  • Sheets of cotton for snow (the kind you use to fill pillows) or burlap covered in latex paint, pulled over pile shapes for something more durable
  • Give any reflective surface that frosted look. You could even pick up an extra can or two of fake snow at Christmas. Mind you, these days they are selling Christmas things before Halloween so you might be able to get some anyway! But I think you could come up with something cooler/more authentic looking for the windows. Spray glue tiny salt rocks or light blue bath crystals to pieces of plastic and put those on windows and mirrors...something like that. Interesting. Or even just drybrush blue and white paint on cellophane/ get the idea. If you don't want to keep the items you are transforming, apply it directly to the surface
  • Frozen skeletons or corpses..icicles coming off them...big goggles and parkas
  • Ice pick (not the little dainty ones you use with your champagne set) or pick axe

Hmmm. This one definitely needs more thought. But the cool factor of coming up with something totally unexpected would be the big payoff.