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"Lucky 13" Etsy Sale Starts Today

on September 4, 2012 - 12:44pm

The big question at my last show was "do you have an etsy shop?" to which I sheepishly replied "Yes. A very, very, very neglected one". 

I thought I would rectify the situation. While I do love (and prefer) selling in person and getting to meet those who adopt my critters, I know there are those of you who can't come out to Toronto every time I have a show. This sale is for you. 

It's the Lucky 13 sale. Why the name? Two reasons: 

First, the shop will go back into vacation mode on October 13th, 2012 and I'll be taking leftover items to sell at my next show, the Bazaar of the Bizarre. So that's the 13 part.

The lucky part is that, as part of my penance for being such a bad online shop keeper, I'm offering an olive branch to the faithful who come to the blog and follow me online.

I was sorting through my stock and found 6 of my sculpted Undead Head necklaces. I'd made dozens upon dozens of these in 2010. I do not have any intention of making anymore (some people are suited to making jewelry. I am not). 

SO the first 6 people who buy an item from the shop and mention "ZOMBIE!" (during checkout, but if you forget just email me with the word and your name) will find a surprise undead gift in their package as a token of my appreciation. 


Speaking of which, here are the last 6 necklaces (5 heads and one double-sided hand). 

The largest pendant is the size of a nickel. 

And before you ask, I can try to give you the one you like best but no promises (gift horse...mouth...don't look).

I've kicked off this extravaganza by adding 4 Plague Doctors to my etsy shop. I'll be adding a handful of Minions and a smattering of Dark Dwellers soon.

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