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FanExpo & Festival of Fear August 2012

on August 2, 2012 - 9:25am


From August 23 to August 26 I'll be in the artist alley section of FanExpo in Toronto at table A45.

Normally I word my announcements with things like "I'll see you at Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear!" but uh...I'm not sure if that's applicable this time around. While our group of indie artists is technically sorted as Horror within artist alley (and as such, we are usually close to the Horror section), as you can see from the floor plan they've moved us as far away from the Horror section as physically possible this year. 


So come on out to the far edge of the convention this month. The badlands, if you will. Think of it as a quest, where instead of fighting trolls and monsters, you have to navigate through teenagers dressed up in Anime costumes, avoiding "free hugs" at every turn.