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Toy Factory

Just thinking about this creeps me out. It would take a lot of scavenging to get inexpensive props to mix in with your completely homemade ones, but I think you could pull it off brilliantly. The scene would either be a toy factory or toy shop, abandoned and haunted. Items could include:

  • An entire section of dolls. Heck, I think most dolls are creepy as they are, but a few minor adjustments (whitening the eyes, removing a limb, dirty up the face and hair, a little blood on the dress) can turn these little darlings to be demons. I went to a doll museum once and the entire section was antique dolls behind glass with lights over the displays and with a dark walkway. It makes me shiver just thinking of it.
  • Puppets. You could make some really creepy marionettes. Human-size ones at that. Skeletons/victims could be caught up in the strings of one or two
  • Jack in the box. Another prop that could be human-size. Something with big teeth, deep black eyes, big open smile...*shudder* nice
  • Counter and cash register of course
  • Perhaps missing employee flyers
  • Tools, aprons, gloves, goggles