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The Infestation

2004 was the year I did the infestation. I assigned sections of the house to different types of critter invasion. These included:

  • Spider section with a cocoon victim, skulls in webs, and spiders everywhere
  • Rat section, where trash bags had heads and bones sticking out, swarming with rats
  • Missing posters with pictures of different exterminators on them
  • Various poison, radiation, and your general warning signs throughout the place
  • Cockroaches all over the kitchen cabinets
  • Snakes slithering out from under tables and chairs
  • Birds perched up high
  • A caged exterminator
  • An exterminator burned by his own solutions
  • A fake news article about what had happened at the house
  • An animal carrier cage with a decapitated head in it
  • A giant bat creature peering down from the rafters, and smaller bats hanging out with him

If you would like to see some pictures of these items, they are posted in the Art Ghoullery.

If you would like some ready-made signs and labels, they are posted on the Printable Props page in the "Resources for the Wretched" section.