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Hilarious House of Frightenstein at FanExpo

on September 4, 2011 - 4:43pm

I was able to get away for a seminar this year. A friend kept Yetch company while he manned the table and I went off with another friend to sit in on a talk by Mitchell Markowitz. You might know him better as Super Hippy or the mosquito on Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

Also on the panel was Victoria Price, daughter of Vincent Price.

It was a packed room of fans, all of us pleased to sit quietly and listen to anecdotes of the show and especially tales of Vincent Price.

My favourite tale was from Victoria Price who said at the premiere of his movies, her father liked to spot two teenage girls in the audience and quietly sit behind them. When the film was over, he leaned forward between them and - in that monsterific way of speaking he had - asked "So, did you like the movie?"

I didn't realize the show had a laugh track when it aired in the United States which is a shame. And of course Markowitz lamented the fact that when they released the show on DVD, they had to change the music for the psychedelic Wolfman segments since they couldn't afford the royalties (which they never paid or asked permission for originally, since they were only doing one season, and thought it wouldn't be aired beyond Hamilton Ontario and the neighbouring cities).

Following the talk, Markowitz met with fans, signed personal autographs and made a point to shake everyone's hand. It's sad to think he's the last living member of the show (besides the guy who was in charge of throwing ping pong balls at Billy Van when he was dressed as the Gorilla). Perhaps even sadder that the preserved episodes aren't a perfect representation of the original show.

But I'll always be a fan, regardless.

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