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FanExpo 2011: People Can Be Wonderful

on September 2, 2011 - 10:13am

The biggest blessing of being part of the convention is meeting people. Not only meeting them, but having the same people come back year after year to say hello and tell me they are excited to see what's new on my table.

It's so funny that people are shocked when I remember them, but the secret is I'm just as shocked they remember me and my work.

Here's a great example. I was sent this picture from a lovely young woman (who is probably lurking on the blog right now. I see you). It's a photo of my creations she's collected over the last three years: she started with a mini pumpkin the first year, graduated to an eyeball plant and pumpkinhead minion the second year, and this year I was thrilled she was the one who adopted Wilhelmina the Witch.

It gives me immense pleasure when I know my beloved monsters go to good homes.

Or there's the big, grizzly bear of a fella who came by and bought 4 pumpkins to keep 1 - which he bought from me last year - company.

Or the woman who now has an officially creeped-out bathroom with the addition of my creations. She was kind enough to come back the next day to tell me she'd gone home, read the blog, and likes her items even more because I seem to care about my work and I come across as a nice person (foolish girl Mwa-ha-ha).

Or the young woman who was so excited to talk to me she actually made a point of visiting a second time over the weekend because I was busy talking to someone else when she first was there and she didn't want to interrupt.

These are just the highlights of how lovely the people at this event are, and I want to thank EVERYONE - even if you weren't mentioned, you are not forgotten - who were so nice to me.

I could go on and on. Like the most wonderful French Canadian family. Or the LOADS of folks who follow me on Twitter that I can now say I've met in real life. Or the poor boy who loves Halloween but no longer loves zombies. Or green-haired Joshua. Or...see?

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