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The Witch in the Woods

on March 1, 2010 - 12:05pm

Witch in the Woods by Ghoul Friday

The Story

I don't know her name, but locally she's known as the Witch in the Woods. She treks through the forest and marshland twice a day, hunting and gathering. She places items in an old black sack (what the children refer to as "her death bag").

Granted, her spine is curved and her eyes are milky with cataracts, but she traverses the muddy landscape (using her staff) with little trouble. She knows the land as well as she knows herself. A leaf out of place never goes unnoticed.

She's never stepped foot in the nearby township, but she is not unknown to them. Rumours abound that "unruly women" will seek her out for assistance; perhaps for justice. A number of disappearances have been linked to the old witch in whispers, but one needs to remember how small town tales can suddenly evolve into matter-of-fact eye witness events, without any actual witnesses.

Witch in the Woods by Ghoul FridayWitch in the Woods by Ghoul Friday

The Sculpture

Witch in the Woods by Ghoul FridayThis is my first human sculpture. She stands just under 10 inches. Started with a wire frame, wrapped in tinfoil, covered with papermache, built up with Creative Paperclay, and finally, her surface/details are all Delight Paperclay.

I made the dress from some scrap material; her shawl from burlap; her boots are suede strips. Her staff is an old trunk of a rubber tree plant with knotted twine tied around it and some feathers.

You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger image. Enjoy!

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