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What's on the Slab?

Check here for Ghoul Friday news. From show announcements to new how-to projects, this is where I list what's not to be missed.

Updates! Updates! Updates!

Get thee to the Art Ghoullery where you will find:

I still have a number of Plague Doctors to add to the site. Hope to have that completed soon. 

Besides that, I am working feverishly to prepare for fall shows and hoping to add one more for the summer. I will keep you posted.

Winter Blues & Puppy News

Inspiration has been hard to come by (as it usually is for me in January and February). Now that March is almost here, I expect to get the gears going once more on new figures. As well, the house has been completely turned upside down to accommodate a new furry addition to the family. So forgive me if the blog turns into puppy central for a few posts. In between, I'll be revving up to create items for Festival of Fear 2012 in August, part of FanExpo in Toronto

Pumpkin Latte and Brittle!

Just because Halloween is technically over, you can still treat yourself to pumpkin-flavoured treats.

If you can get your hands on pumpkin seeds, you can make this easy pumkpin seed brittle (but don't burn it like I did).

Or, much easier, is the pumpkin spiced latte


Halloween Pics & Recipes

If you haven't seen it already, the pictures for this year's Halloween theme - My Dark Love - are up in the Art Ghoullery.

I've also added three new recipes to the Eerie Edibles page (in the Party Planning area). They include jack o'lantern chili cups, stuffed tomato eyeballs, and Halloween shaped puff pastry.


Bird Perch & Corpsing How-to

Newest content on the site can all be found in the How-To Projects section.

You can make a very simple bird perch for your feathered fiends.

Or you can turn a skeleton into a rotting corpse.

And look for images from this year's theme For My Dark Love this weekend!

Retro Halloween Pictures Starring Ghoul Friday

On the About page, at the very bottom, I've added a little collage of pictures of me as a little ghoul at Halloween.

The banner leads to a full story of my favourite Halloween memory (a guest post I'd written for another blog in 2010). 

AND there's now a link to the image of the fabled spray painted tombstone on the wall (on the About page too), with the first prop I ever made. 

Candles & Mirrors: New in the How-To Section

Just in case you missed it, I've added some new posts to the How-To Projects page.

Most recently, there's a post on how to dress up a plastic mirror with paint, fabric, and lighting.

And of course the skull and books LED candle holder.


Bazaar of the Bizarre - Oct 23

Going to be in Toronto on Sunday Oct 23, 2011

Looking for some Halloween fun?

Come to the The Bazaar of the Bizarre from 11am to 7pm ( Free admission. Child friendly.)

6 Noble Street (Queen st. West of Dufferin) Toronto.

I'll have a table along with dozens of other ghoulish artists and vendors.

New Season, New Look

When you have to migrate a site as big as this one (there are more than 600 blog posts alone to move from one site to another), something's gotta give. For me, it was all the wonderful comments from people over the last 4 years. I was able to move the pictures and the content for the blogs, but not the comments. I actually moved all the comments on my "About" page one by one, just so I would have something from the old days.

And yes, I had to move all the other bits and pieces one at time for the other areas. Every image, pdf, and line of content. And then in the middle of it, I decided to edit some of it. And fix images that have bothered me. And clean up the tutorials.

So at the end of the day, the sacrifice of the comments for the blogs seems kinda small (though it makes me a bit sad).

How can you help? Start leaving me notes ;)