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New Figures on a Friday the 13th

on April 13, 2012 - 10:27am

Happy Friday the 13th, my fellow ghoulies. And what better day to introduce to you a new line of sculpted figures I'll be exploring this year.

It isn't official, but I think I will be calling them the Dwellers of the Dark. Or Dark Dwellers. Which one do you like better? Let me know.

They are a bit more...monsterish...than my usual cute creepers. Totally out of my element, and oh what fun that is!

No teeth or premade eyes. All sculpt. And more...sinister undertones. 

They won't all look like these, but my intention is to give them a haunting or animalistic look. 

It's a style I've always wanted to explore. I hope you like them. 

With time, I should get a bit more skilled at the drawing out of the jaws and muscles. Practice, practice, practice. 

For now, the first three are completed. They are similar though one of them is 14 1/2 inches high (as you can see in the photo below, he towers over the other two). He was the first, and as is the tradition, that means he stays with me. 

I was taken ill with a terrible stomach bug (so powerful that my mother, who has had a flu shot, also caught it from the same person I did. And I was only around the carrier for 3 minutes). It was a knock-em-down, hurts-when-you-even-look-at-me sort of bug.

Now that I am no longer infected, I hope to finish the next figure in this collection. 





Cooter's picture

I like them ... different is good. First is was Monkey with the nasty bug ... now you and Mama Friday? If you would so kindly, please keep that over there, we have enough here ... thanks! ;)

dave the dead's picture

I like his name proposal. Great concept will be fun to watch these develop as you unleash more upon the unsuspecting folk of the night and shadows.

spookyrach's picture

I like Dark Dwellers. For what it's worth. :)

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks ;) Looking forward to creating the line of them. Now if only I could make one that will train Monkey while I work on other figures.

And from the responses I've gotten on Twitter, seems there's a split on the name preference, though I am leaning toward Dark Dwellers.


Marcie  Melton's picture

I love them! I do like Cooters suggestion of Dwellers of Darkness too; they have a very dark sadness to them which I really like- hope to see more of your creations!

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