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Necklace Display

on June 9, 2010 - 2:39pm

Sometimes a solution doesn't need to be fancy. This one certainly isn't.

I've been trying to figure out the best way to display the Undead Head necklaces I made a bit ago. If they had clasps, I could have gone with a number of creative ways to display them. Alas, they are all on adjustable slipknot chords. With clasps, I or customers could easily undo the necklace to remove them from the display (be it a large tree, as I had originally envisioned it, or even something as simple as a vertical tower).

The next problem I faced was wanting to display as many as I could, in a manner that kept the chords neatly separate and the zombie faces looking straight out at people.

The last objective was to (as always) create this display with items I already had around the house.

A few weeks of brainstorming, and I finally had my eureka moment. I took 2 canvases - one with the canvas material still intact around the wooden frame, and the other with the centre material cut away and then pulled back around the wood. I then epoxied the two together (with the full canvas table-side down), essentially making an open-faced box frame.

Next step was taking some sponge foam - specifically the yellow kind people roll out over their mattress - about 2 inches thick and cutting it so it fit just inside the frame.

I measured out the slots I'd be cutting so I could (and this is where I have to pat myself on the back for being a problem-solver ace) slip the necklace chords through the sponge so they would be hidden between the foam and the canvas at the back.

I cut up an old black t-shirt, sewed it to the front of the foam, and voila! Admittedly, this display won't be used at fancy-schmancy jewelry stores anytime soon, but it totally fulfils my need.

Not too shabby.

One day I'll replace it, but it will do for a couple of years at least.

I can either lay it flat on the table (propped up at the top end, of course), or I'll make some sort of stand to attach to the wooden frame at the back for a more vertical display. I don't have any hinges around the house right now, so I might actually paint my table easel black and use that as the stand.

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