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Mr. Phibious T. Toadlington

on July 23, 2010 - 9:37am

Mr. Phibious T. Toadlington is filthy.

And proud of it.

He wears rags and old sacks for his cloak and scarf, both of which are always caked in mud. He'll wear them until they fall apart, and simply replace them with some other scrap material he's found on his daily hunt for treasures.

He's loud - boisterous and charming to some, obnoxious and pompous to others. The one thing they agree on is he's a business man (of sorts). He gets things done, and will rarely shy away from even the most unsavoury task...if the price is right.

Phibious loves to haggle a price. I'm not sure if clients give in to his demands because he's a good negotiator, or because they know he can get the job done, or because they just can't stand the stink of him from across the table.

Another curious question surrounding him is his pot belly. He always has one hand on it. There have been whispers that he's fit and trim under that cloak, and the round beach ball shape is actually a sack of gold coins he keeps tied around his waist for safe keeping.

If asked about it, he simply laughs and pats his belly before changing the subject.

He doesn't talk about his past, his family (that some speculate are actually reptilian, despite what his name suggests), or even where he sleeps at night, hidden away in the swamps. He only talks business, or shares an off-colour joke followed by a hardy guffaw. Overall, he's a good natured fellow.

Just don't try to touch his belly.

A 3 shot of a tiger-striped frog-like creature

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