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The Morning After

on November 1, 2012 - 3:40pm

Let me start by saying a big thanks to Amy over at Circus Posterus who chose Halloween to post an interview with yours truly. Definitely one of the coolest online nods I've gotten this season.

The oddest? I made the list for Best Dating Sites "20 Sites to Plan the Perfect Halloween Date" which tickled me to no end. I'm at the bottom, for those who want to get crafty on their date. Hilariously awesome.

Now, who is going to hand out the "We Survived Halloween 2012" shirts? 

Strange year. Ventured out into the city early yesterday evening and in neighbourhoods that traditionally overflowed with Halloween celebration and decoration, but there was little to be found. You'd think it was the start of October, not the end. Certainly not Halloween itself.

But people were in good spirits. I caught a matinee after work while waiting to meet with a friend, and the girl at the ticket counter was wearing impressive zombie makeup. So I gave her a mini chocolate bar from the stash in my purse. I was just as pleased to give it as she was to take it.

The rain sent folks scurrying to and fro. I watched as trick or treaters ran down the street without stopping for candy. Even though their night was cut short by the rain, the families all were grinning and laughing as they scampered through the wet leaves. 

The highlight was the lone costumed figure leisurely sauntering down the street, wearing a white robe with red sash, numerous glowing necklaces, and a huge lizard (dinosaur?) head protected by the umbrella they held. It was one of those moments where I wished I had my camera on me, but also knew I wouldn't need a picture to remember it clearly.

From reports via social networking and blog posts, it would seem while our spirits (and decorations, and costumes) were dampened, they were not extinguished. In fact, I think Halloween folk and haunters still had a blast in their neck of the woods, the comfort of their homes, or by sharing Halloween goodies online with each other. A real sense of community. I like that.





halloween spirit's picture

. . . certainly seemed quieter this year. But last night's turnout was good in spite of the weather. As if on cue, the wind and rain subsided for nearly two hours. And then it started to pour again. Hasn't stopped since! Happy Halloween! :O)

Alison's picture

If memory serves, last year was especially wet for a lot of Eastern Seaboard haunters too. This year it was a hurricane trying to douse the Halloween candle. As you say, going by comments from all over the Web I think a good time was still had by the majority. You can't keep a dedicated ghoul down.

The door-to-door TOT'ing in Canada and U.S. isn't done much here in England. But I saw lots of people out in costume over the weekend, going to parties at clubs and bars. No one out and about on Wednesday night, but I didn't expect to see anybody. I don't know about you, but I'm always a little sad come November 2nd, which is when I pack away the Halloween decorations for another year.

I would have loved to see Dinohead (Godzilla in fancy dress perhaps?) you describe.

Here's to next year!


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