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More X-Rays of Moi

on January 29, 2009 - 10:31am

my skull profile
Recently I posted a bone scan of myself I'd had taken a while ago. I'd remembered I had it because I was getting x-rays done. Turns out the x-rays were useless to the doctor, but they're a welcome addition to my growing collection (nice profile, don't you think?).

It's all rather fitting, since there's been a blogging frenzy this week covering an x-ray lamp made by Sture Pallarp (shown right), and I'm thinking of making my own sometime.

While I've seen 'how-to's online that get people to attach their x-rays to existing paper lampshades, I think I'll pick up a plastic shade made for DIY stained glass projects.

In addition to the x-rays I've posted on the site, I have more of my spine and hips kicking around the house. They're outdated and of little use to anyone at this point.

I'm scheduled to have a catscan done. I wonder if I'll be able to nab that as well.

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