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More Camille Rose Garcia (But Less Love)

on March 18, 2009 - 8:35am

Camille Rose Garcia WallpaperCamille Rose Garcia recently had a show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. As part of the exhibit, she promoted her fabulous new wallpaper. You can buy a roll that covers 30 square feet for the low, low cost of $200.

You'd think with those prices (not to mention small, standard paper-sized works going for $4000 like Happy Owl and Nervous House pictured below), she might be able to afford to hire someone to update her website for her. The only reason I was aware she had a new showing was because Bones over at Haunt Style blogged about it.

Don't get me wrong. I think it's great when an artist is successful and people are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for their work. It just means that I'll never be able to afford anything more than a book of hers, and that makes my artist crush on her fade a bit.

Remember when I mentioned she's launching the toy company PITCO? My plans of buying one of her 'toys' has been obliterated. One of those Seymore Squidley Dolls (pictured below) costs $600.

Why not just call it art? At that price, I think it transcends the term 'toy' which is usually associated with messy children. Or at LEAST "art toy" or "art doll" or ...something. Because even as a vinyl toy collector, I expect to find something that comes in under $70. Maybe in the future?

Can you tell I'm bummed about the completely inaccessible toy company?

Le sigh.

Camille Rose Garcia booth

Let's look at the cost of the room minus the 'art'. Wallpaper - approximately $1,000 for half a large room. Toys *cough* - $5400 for the squids on the wall; $400 each for the Peppermint Man dolls - $1600. So we're looking at (literally) $8,000. Call it all "art" and be done with it, and I will be emotionally prepared to face my financial inadequacies. 

I might print out a copy of Happy Owl. Cost? About 15 cents.

Be sure to check out the entire exhibit.

Camille Rose Garcia - Happy Owl & Nervous House

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