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Monster Ball

This is a fun theme that you can really make elegant if you wanted. Tell your friends it's a Monster black-tie event. You could request that guests should dress as classic horror movie icons as well.

  • Have lots of candles (pillar candles, tea lights, battery powered tapered candles)
  • Have a candelabra and/or a chandelier adorned with plastic jewels
  • Decorate with statuettes, busts and ornate frames (for mirrors and/or paintings)
  • Have some classical music playing when the guests arrive to set the mood
  • Make a monster string quartet or 3-piece band
  • Get lots of dried flowers and have them in urns
  • Wine glasses/champagne flutes (filled with alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks, or dessert items like puddings) should be served on silver platters along with dainty h'ordeurves
  • Announce guests as they arrive