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Mini Monsters: Experimenting with Super Sculpey

on March 26, 2009 - 9:18am

Sculpey Monsters

Yesterday afternoon I did some experimenting with Super Sculpey. I've only used Sculpey once before, so most of my time yesterday was spent getting to know the medium. As I experimented, a new face appeared in front of me, and I couldn't bare to squish him back into oblivion.

This pattern repeated itself until I had a small army of unfinished mini-monsters. I call them The Underbiters.

I haven't given them hands yet (I kind of like them without hands, but I think they need some) and the bodies need some touch ups, but I'm pretty happy with how my first real session went.

I'll be adding a tutorial as I learn more about this product.

p.s. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes!

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