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Merry Christmas, Ghoulies

on December 25, 2009 - 9:20am

For my Christmas post, I couldn't think of a more perfect picture than the one snapped by Spirit of Halloween. Poor little pumpkin. Probably thinks we've all forgotten him. Well I haven't.

He's like my own personal Tiny Tim.

Last night we had family over for dinner. My mother, on the brink of her sixties, still cares for a household of troubled teenage girls - two of which came with her last night. And while I was out of the room, one of them said as she was looking around "I was expecting more scary things in her house." They both seemed genuinely disappointed. I thought that was pretty funny.

Even funnier were the big smiles on their faces when I took them into my office where I have all my ghoulish goodies tucked away. As if the sight of glowing pumpkins, macabre figures and art, and a flickering skull candle made everything right in the world for them.

And that's how Halloween saved Christmas.

Merry Christmas, folks. Happy Holidays. Seasons greetings. Be kind to each other today.

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