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Meeting Zombie Liquorice

on August 31, 2010 - 9:41am

While it is entertaining to see celebrities at FanExpo, I get more excited about meeting local artists I've only known online. So it was a real pleasure to finally meet the folks over at Zombie Liquorice.

I didn't have a program map with me at the table, so I decided to go hunting for them in the horror section. It wasn't long before I spotted their shiny new banner and made my way over to introduce myself.

When I asked who the person was that's been on the other side of all the twitter tweets, they pointed me to Jason (who may spell his name Jayson...I can't confirm as we only spoke and didn't write letters to each other).

Big strong handshake. Always a good sign in my book. Besides, he's a fairly big guy with broad shoulders, so a weak handshake would have been exceptionally bad.

It was their first year at the convention, but they did so well and had such a positive response, they'll be back again in 2011. And why not? Besides having some really cool designs on their t-shirts, the shirts themselves are really well made. No plastic feel to the print. Good quality.

I spent one of my visits drooling over the hat I've coveted from afar. Since all my earnings from the show were earmarked for my car repair bill (the exception being one item I missed buying last year from a different vendor. Will blog about that this week), I could not give into temptation and add it to my already oversized hat collection.

But I will. Oh yes. I will. Especially now that I've seen it in person. It's just as smooth and slick as it looks in the picture. Besides, I love the brand name, and I NEVER love a brand name.

And of course, now that I've met the people behind the brand name, I'm even happier to wear their logo.

I get the feeling Zombie Liquorice will soon be a staple of Toronto indie/horror culture. And I'm cool with that. I can say "I knew them when...".

As if I wasn't sold on them already, I was given a limited print of the poster above. Yetch accidentally put his foot on the back of it when we were packing up at the convention, and I almost tackled him out of the way. Now I just have to figure out where to hang it.

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