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Martinis in Hell

I did this in 2005. I wanted a more classic party, and what better way than throw a martini party in hell. "Mephistopheles Martini Manor" is what I called it. I was Lilith, the hostess. Items included:

  • A demonic dj, equipped with turntable
  • Food that was served out of the body of a corpse
  • A coffin coffee table with an unfortunate soul inside
  • Blood dripping down the walls (I cut drips out of that red cellophane used for wrapping gift baskets)
  • A bloody skeleton creature bursting from the floor (with a martini glass in hand)
  • A bloody tree with intestines in the base
  • A bust of Namaah (a specific demon)
  • A fireplace with trapped souls in the stones
  • A "Hall of Flame", where I had photographs/headshots and autographs of all the famous people I imagined would frequent the place
  • A fluorescent sign that read "Mephistopheles Martini Manor"

If you would like to see some pictures of these items, they are posted in the Art Ghoullery.