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Making Macabre Cupcakes

on September 20, 2011 - 7:19pm

I've been having a bit of fun this morning making cupcakes. You must understand, my devilish darlings, I don't bake. This was my first attempt at decorating cupcakes and I am pretty chuffed.

So I am not going to win any culinary awards for them, but it's a simple thing to do and I feel it adds just a bit of something spookily special to my party spread.

Having anticipated difficulties, I was delighted to find it was fairly easy. This means anyone can do it, including you, my rotten reader.

Find some cool Halloween gummies. I was able to get some brains, skulls and spiders. You can find them at places like Home Sense, Canadian Tire or even the Bulk Barn.

Pick up these items to make your own:

1. cake mix
2. icing (vanilla is good because it's white and dyes easily)
3. food colouring (or icing colouring)
4. some icing gel in those little tubes
5. coloured sugar or sprinkles
6. Halloween gummies

And voila! Bake those ghostly goodies, let'em cool and decorate away!