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The Macabre Mind of Joe Vaux

on March 8, 2009 - 12:05pm

Joe Vaux Art: Meeting in the mind
For all my creepy kittens and ghoulish guys, I happily present the work of Joe Vaux.

First, a tiny complaint. What is it with artists and hip designers making their entire site flash-based? While flash-flooded sites are entertaining for a moment (I did enjoy the little critters waving at me on Vaux's site), it can make for tedious navigation (terrible from an accessibility standpoint). Tip for when you visit his site: the barely-visible button to turn off the sound is in the top left corner.

All this was forgiven once I got to the good stuff: his art.

Vaux's work reminds me of Salvador Dali meets Disney's Night on Bald Mountain. There's loads going on visually and so many characters to discover in one piece.

His style is a far cry from the work he's involved with in his day job as assistant director for The Family Guy. So where does his inspiration come from?

My family. Whether it's my dog attacking my feet or my son twirling in a princess dress or my wife's jokes - my idea bin is usually filled. Other things that float my creative boat are: weird plants, random junk in the street, clouds, movies, music, wacky people and of course: animals.

To read more about him, check out the interview on

Joe Vaux Art: Last Thing Standing

Joe Vaux Art: Flood

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