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Loved to Death: Taxidermy Art

on March 3, 2009 - 7:54am

Victorian Top Hat with Squirrel tail, hands and heart
Step right up and pick a door on the Loved to Death website.

Who likes a good riddle? Tell me, which door leads to taxidermy: the one labelled "art", "antiques", "jewelry" or "taxidermy"?

If you said all of them, you win!

Let's start with the 1930's vintage top hat (pictured right). The hat is described as such:

A Victorian inspired framed squirrel taxidermy memento mori piece on the side with a genuine preserved squirrel tail accent in place of a traditional feather. The frame is set on a blood red burgundy velvet backing with genuine taxidermy squirrel feet, a gold genuine squirrel heart and handmade calalily flowers.

I find the use of the squirrel hands odd, but its inherent strangeness cannot compete with my own brain. As I'm going through the pages, seeing the various tiny animal feet, I can't help but think how crunchy they would be in my teeth with all those tiny, dry bones. Not that I have any desire to taste them (though I do love a good crunch).

I like the jewelry but I don't know if I could wear it against my skin - not if the bones touched it. Handling it is one thing; having it pressed against your chest is another.

They use everything from rat skulls to bird wings to mice hands (accented with a tiny diamond, no less).

jewellery made from animal skulls and body parts

I originally spotted this website on Haute Macabre whom I followed on twitter for the day, but soon realized their website was mainly about thin pale models showcasing clothes I could never afford or fit in to. There's an entire industry already doing that, thanks. I don't need a website charading as a kindred spirit to play on my vanity. Having said that, if you're the kind of person who loves to follow fashion, their website (if not their clothes) may be the perfect fit.

Squirrel hands holding wishbone - necklace
The only piece I really didn't 'get' was the one shown left: squirrel hands holding a wishbone. I associate that more with deer hoof gun racks, not artistic adornments.

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