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Little Minions: Agatha

on December 3, 2010 - 2:32pm

Even with her reptilian-like skin, Agatha is arguably the darling of all my little minions.

She's sweet and gentle. Agatha enjoys strolling along and enjoying the world as a quiet observer. She rarely speaks and never raises her voice. She melodically hums while bending to examine flowers, or while ogling fish in a pond, or just simply listening to the hush of the wind.

Her wide-eyes express the wonder she feels, and I think it also gives us a sense of her kind spirit.

I almost kept her for my personal collection.

And of course, she's on Etsy too.

I have one more minion that could go in the store. He has a pumpkin for a head. Let's see if I have it in me to do another post.

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