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Laura Palmer Died 20 Years Ago

on February 23, 2009 - 1:44pm

Laura Palmer and Dale Cooper in the Black Lodge, Twin Peaks"She's dead...Wrapped in plastic."

According to the Twin Peaks plotline, Laura Palmer died on February 24, 1989. That would be twenty years ago tomorrow.

Though the series finale (and most of the second season) left much to be desired, Twin Peaks remains near and dear to my heart.

I still cringe every time I think of the closing scene: I can hear Doppleganger Coop saying "How's Annie?" and the pulsating black-tar-mass-of-hate turns in my stomach. A pox on David Lynch for leaving the series to falter, and then swooping back in for the last episode to give it a non-ending.

When I say I'm a fan, I mean I'm a fan. Years ago I drove across Canada to the west coast, and I made a point of going south into Washington to Snoqualmie and North Bend where the exterior shots were filmed. I've stood at the falls of the Great Northern and (after travelling a substantial distance to a different location) stood inside its walls with all the gorgeous Haida artwork. I've been inside Pete's kitchen ("There's a the percolator") and stood at the log where he discovers Laura's body. You name the spot in the series, and I tracked it down.

My favourite moment of course was ordering black coffee at the Double R Diner with a slice of pie on the side ("This must be where pies go when they die"). This morning's coffee was poured into that same mug (no I didn't steal it, I bought it), and I plan to use the mug all day tomorrow in honour of the anniversary.

I've always wanted to do a Lynch/Twin Peaks theme for a Halloween party but feared how much it would cost to get enough deep crimson material to recreate the curtains of the red room in the black lodge.

If you're in Austin Texas, let me live vicariously through you; attend Recspec's "Fire Walk With Me" Dress Up Party.

For the rest of us, I stumbled upon a collection of Laura Palmer inspired clips from the series and movie (played to one of my favourite Portishead songs). Enjoy.

Here's to Laura Palmer.

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