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Kris Kuksi

on February 4, 2009 - 11:24am

skull sculpturesKris Kuksi is a genius. I can get lost in the tiny details of his sculptures. Whenever I view his work online, I end up leaning forward in my chair, nose close to the glass of my monitor, but I can never see it as clear as I'd like to.

Each piece is like two works of art in one: you have the wide view, like a dark landscape; and then you have all the tiny characters within it.

Luckily, it seems he is coming to the Meta Gallery in Toronto from May 15th to June 14th, 2009, so I will finally be able to see those micro-beauties clearly.

For those of you who aren't going to check out his show in person, you can view his sculptures online. He has a handy (yet finicky) flash application that allows you to zoom in fairly tight on the images.

He has an interesting bio posted on his site, not unlike many stories we've heard before. But there were specific quotes that resonated with me:

The grotesque to him, as it seemed, was beautiful. Reaching adulthood his art blossomed and created a breakthrough of personal freedom from the negative environment experienced during his youth. He soon discovered his distaste for the typical American life and pop culture, feeling that he has always belonged to the ‘Old World’. Yet, Kris’ work is about a new wilderness, refined and elevated, visualized as a cultivation emerging from the corrupt and demoralized fall of modern-day society. A place were new beginnings, new wars, new philosophies, and new endings exist...In personal reflection, he feels that in the world today much of mankind is oftentimes frivolous and fragile, being driven primarily by greed and materialism. He hopes that his art exposes the fallacies of Man, unveiling a new level of awareness to the viewer.

skull sculptures

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