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Julia Hepburn, Talented Toronto Artist

on July 12, 2008 - 6:54pm

sculpture of a tiny creature with a dunce cap in an abandoned building
Absolutely stunning. Dark. Beautiful. These are words that came to mind as I stumbled upon Julia Hepburn's display stall in the maze of artists at Nathan Phillips Square this weekend for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit.

She creates miniature worlds inside boxes and lampposts (some of which you can actually plug in) that make you feel like some sort of omnipotent being peeking into a smaller universe. Hepburn describes her art on her blog:

"I attempt to reclaim the innocence and curiosity of childhood. Each compartmentalized piece displays a single scene with virtually no context. Viewers are encouraged to use their imaginations in order to develop a narrative explaining the scene.

If you get the chance on Sunday, go see her (she's on the far west side of the square) and all the other talented artists.

sculpture of a woman in a run down dark apartment
sculpture of a person wrapped in red strings
sculpture of a person pulling at the tentacles of a giant octopus

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