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Joshua Hoffine's "Black Lullaby" Kickstarter Project

on October 28, 2013 - 8:53pm

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know I'm a fan of Joshua Hoffine's photography. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife (then fiancée) Jennifer a few years ago when I bought his print "Death" a few years ago.

Before you pick up that discounted copy of a B-horror film, or buy a pumkin spiced latte, or buy clearance Halloween items, let me direct you to a better cause for your $10 to be spent on. 

And I say $10 specifically because I know money is tight everywhere. Believe me. I know. 

But even that little bit of cash can help to support something pretty cool. 

He has a kickstarter project called Black Lullaby which I just pledged $30 towards. He's in the process of making a short film inspired by his collection of photographs and needs some help with shooting the final monster appearance plus all that post production goodness. Watch the video below to learn more directly from the man himself.

My $30 pledge bumped their tally over $6,000 meaning they need just shy of $1000 ($975 to be exact) in the next 13 days (12 if you are reading this on Tuesday). 

Let's see if we can get this funded. Tis the season, Halloween fans and Haunters. Let's help something deliciously dark out in the world.


Andrea Blythe's picture

Ooooh. Sounds like a cool project! I haven't seen his art work before, but it looks awesome. I'm definitely going to have to contribute. :D

Ghoul Friday's picture

Woo hoo! The project went from needing $975 yesterday to needing $835 today, so it's getting closer and every little bit DOES help :)

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