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Jar Lanterns

on July 16, 2011 - 5:37pm

The second project with the jars was to make simple lanterns (or candle holders, if you prefer). Pictures and a quick how-to below.

After the initial cloudy stain, I mixed a touch of brown paint with a bit of white glue and watered it down, just like I had in the first step only this time, the brown was darker. I swirled it around the bottom of the jars and turned each one so a few streams lined the sides.

Then I mixed some white glue, black paint, and some water together. The aim was to create soot or grime stains at the top of the jar. I dipped a piece of cloth in the mix, then dabbed it along the inside rim and top of the glass. Dab, smooth. Dab, smooth. Dab, smooth. When they dried, I found some had a bit too much black, but it easily wipes away with a bit of water (I just used my fingertips).

I took some netted cotton/wool material (pieces cut from the large cloth net-like material they sell at dollar stores as Halloween curtains that are meant to decorate window dressings or doorways), wrapped it around the outside rim of the jar, and tied it with a knot, snipping the ends off. I then mixed black paint and water with Sculpt or Coat (you could easily use - you guessed it - white glue), and brushed it over the cloth.

To finish them off, I took a collection of skull castings I've been saving for a long time now (they were test castings done by the Davis clan, and her royal Frog Queen was kind enough to let me take some home when I visited). I coated the back of them with quick-drying epoxy, and stuck them to the outside of the jars.

As a finishing touch, I put a thin coat of black wash (diluted black paint) into the crevices of the skulls.

I still need to do a couple final touches, but overall I'm pleased with how they came out.

I've already started work on the third incarnation of the glass jars project. Hopefully I'll have those posted for you this week.

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