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Japanese Digital Horror

on December 14, 2008 - 11:00am

Two headed piggybank
When it comes to fetishes and horror, it's hard to compete with the Japanese. Yoshitaka Kawakami (or Yock as he is sometimes called) is a perfect example of why the Japanese never fail to push the boundaries on both these genres.

While Yock produces some work that North Americans associate with Japan - cute yet odd creatures (like the piggy bank pictured right) - Yock mainly focuses on high school girls as a motif in his fetish works.

It generally takes something substantially unnerving to make me uneasy in my skin. Yock's collection of 3D computer graphics, which he started producing in 2002, makes me question where the line is for me between cool horror and simply disturbing images.

girl sewing her eye shut
On that note, I've only included a few of the tamer pictures from his collection here (my top picks). To see more of the boundary-testing imagery, check out his website.

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