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I Had a Sally Brown Moment in Vegas

on October 11, 2010 - 11:18am

Freemont in Vegas in October 2010You know. Sally Brown: Charlie's little sister. I had a Sally Brown moment.

While in Vegas, my spirits were lifted when I saw an advertisement for Freemont's Oktober FrightFest. Freemont is old Las Vegas, and FrightFest made promises of Halloween decorations - a full street transformation, to be specific, with shows and maybe even a parade. Hooray, I thought, I get to play Halloween after all!

We took the 30 minute bus ride to the north side of town, and I was sure to keep the list of events I'd noted in my back pocket, just to make sure I wouldn't miss a thing.

The main strip is canopied from one side of the street to another. Each hour they project videos to various musical artists. We arrived just as "Time of the Season" by the Zombies (nice) started to play. I must admit, it is a spectacle to behold - psychedelic imagery pouring over the roof as the rest of the flashing lights on the street go dim.

Then there was the obligatory "Time Warp" (of course) with lots of pumpkins and skeletons. Really cute.

Once the show was over, I turned my eyes to the rest of the street. Bring on the Halloween decorations! Keep in mind this is day 4 of my trip, and with the exception of the pumpkins at the Bellagio, I had not caught a glimpse of Halloween - or fall - at all.

Scanning left and right, I see no other signs of Halloween despite what I've been promised in advertisements. Perhaps the crowd is blocking it and it's further up. Halloween! Halloween! Bring it on!

We're halfway up the street when I start to get concerned by the lack of orange and black.

Eventually we come across a large stage with a distinctive horror theme where the musical acts will take place. And nearby was a hearse.

Freemont in Vegas in October 2010

But that was it.

Oh, with the exception of the tiny dollar store reapers that were way up on the light posts. You know the ones I mean. Long pieces of fabric attached to a rubber head. Yup. A dozen or so crappy Dollorama 24 inch specials 30 feet in the air equates a total terrifying transformation downtown (that's what those dangling rags are near the bottom of the pictures of the ceiling).

At this point my brain snapped. I was so tired of all the hype and none of the payoff. And now I've had Halloween dangled in front of my face, and taken away again. Bigger in Vegas? LAMER in Vegas *anger rising*. I'm missing Halloween. And it was all I could do to not scream out the classic Sally Brown rant. But I recited parts of it in my head:

I was robbed!...Halloween is over and I MISSED IT! You blockhead!...I didn't get to go out for Tricks or Treats, and it was all your fault. I'll sue! What a fool I was. I could've had candies, apples and gum. And cookies and money and all sorts of things. But NO, I HAD to listen to you, you blockhead. Tricks or Treats comes only once a year, and I miss it by sitting in a rundown city with a blockhead. YOU OWE ME RESTITUTION!

Freemont in Vegas in October 2010Freemont in Vegas in October 2010

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