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Plastic Pumpkin Makeover

I'm not opposed to buying props. But sometimes the decorations look so...flat. And plastic.

I mean sure, to be fair, the pumpkin above is made of plastic. And I think a lot of people like myself pass them up because they are lacking.

Using 30 minutes of my time and some paint, I was able to give these pumpkins some depth.

A little brown in the creases. A brown wash (watered down paint) in the eye cuts. Coating on the stem to darken it up and get rid of the strange white skunk stripe. And a lighter orange on the flesh. Voila. SUCH a difference!

So the next time you see a prop that is decently priced (those pumpkins were $20) but not quite up to snuff, don't pass it up so quickly. With a little time and a little love, you can transform it into a great display item.

Now if only I could make them smile less...