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Head Shot - Halloween Game


Step 1: Find a Box and Paint

This game uses balancing skill. You have one bullet to kill the zombie. As most of us know, a zombie only dies if you shoot him in the head. The object of the game is to manoeuvre the bullet (a tiny ball or marble) by tilting the picture box you've created back and forth. Starting with the ball at the zombie's feet, players try rolling the ball into the head of the zombie without accidentally 'shooting' the zombie in other body parts or missing him completely (making the ball drop through other holes).

I found a cardboard box and cut off the top flaps. I then took another piece of cardboard and cut it so that it fit snuggly inside the box.

I painted the top piece white before trying my hand at a zombie portrait.

You could make a cardboard coffin and draw a vampire instead (and tell people that have to stake him in the heart).

Step 2: Cut Holes and Decorate

I punched holes into the sides of the box and attached some fake barbed wire to it using twist ties. I could have gotten more elaborate with the detailing, but as I write this, I have two days left before everything has to be done for this year's party.

I placed a chunk of styrofoam in the box to give a little extra support to my zombie (make sure it doesn't block any holes).

I cut a small hole in the bottom corner of the box to allow the players to retrieve their bullet/ball.

Cut holes large enough for the ball to fall through in your zombie picture.

As a final touch, I added some extra blood around the bullet holes.