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Hanging Perch for Feathered Fiends

Normally, I don't care much for Martha Stewart throughout the year but at Halloween her staff come up with some cool ideas sometimes, including a bird silhouette sitting on a mailing tube perch. While it is, as Martha likes to say, a good thing, I thought "why not make it an even better thing?"

So I did.



  • thick paper roll (from aluminum foil or mailing tube)
  • 4 feet of chain (or longer) 
  • Fake bird
  • 6 eye hooks
  • epoxy
  • black paint
  • fishing line
  • wire

Part 1: The Tubes

Martha says to use a mailing tube. I'm a big fan of recycling, so instead I used the paper tube from a roll of aluminum foil. They are super strong (don't try this project with a paper towel roll).

I had two paper rolls: the bottom perch was 12 inches and the top decorative perch was approximately 8 inches. The length you use depends on the size of the bird you're going to put on the perch.

You could also use PVC pipe or even a wooden dowel to create the perch.

Paint the rolls black.

Part 2: Assembly

In the shorter tube, scew in 4 eye hooks - 2 on one end, 2 on the other (shown above).

The longer tube only needs 2 (1 on the left, 1 on the right). 

Since we're dealing with more weight than a paper bird, I decided to reinforce the scews by coating them in quick drying epoxy (where they meet with the tube, on the inside as well as the outside).

 I split my 4 feet of chain into two 2 foot lengths. Then I removed 4 links from both pieces (you should now have 2 long lengths of chain, and 2 shorter lengths of chain).

The long lengths run from the bottom perch to the top perch. Open the chain loops on the ends (pliers/wire cutters are helpful) just wide enough to slip them onto the hook.

The shorter lengths run from the top perch to the ceiling (I used wire to connect the two lengths together at the top).

All of these decorative birds come with wire sticking out of their feet. Poke two holes into the top of the base perch and insert the wires into the tube. 

To help your bird stay upright, tie fishing line (or invisible thread) around his head (or under his wings) and then tie the other end to the top perch.