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Haunted Floating Candles



  • battery operated candlesticks
  • fishing line
  • hot glue gun
  • clear tacks or small ceiling hooks

This idea came from a fellow haunter by the name of Howlin Wolfman and I've done my own version here.

Step 1: Hot Glue and Fishing Line

At Christmas, pick up some battery operated candle sticks at the dollar store.

Cut different lengths of fishing line. You want to make sure you have enough to be able to tie in addition to the length you want the lights to hang at.

Use hot glue to attach the fishing line to the tip of the bulb. I used a low heat glue gun for this project just to be on the safe side since I am putting glue on glass.

Be sure to use a generous blob or else the invisible thread will come loose. I had two candles plummet to the floor during the test phase.

You can smooth the glue over the entire bulb if you like to diffuse the light and make the glob of glue blend in.

If I were to do this project again, I might build it with two string raising up from the top of candle on either side of the bulb. Gluing the line to the bulb can be finicky, and while more fishing line means more of a chance people will see it in the dark, it's better than the frustration of losing one or two after you've hung them up.

Step 2: Hang from the Ceiling

Tie the end of the fishing line to clear or white tacks (or small ceiling hooks for a more sturdy choice) and hang from the ceiling.

You could hang these in windows, from trees or anywhere to create that paranormal presence.

I really liked the effect this created. Some advice: have lots of batteries on hand. These candles use up a lot of juice. Each one takes two AA batteries, and they will last you the night.

I'll be looking around for LED candlesticks in the future. Besides the fact that they use less power, I imagine it helps to keep the hot glue from getting warm and releasing from the bulb