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The Crate Escape - Halloween Game



  • A dresser
  • A large sheet of cardboard
  • paint
  • scissors
  • computer & printer
  • glue
  • a ball or 3
  • battery operated lights
  • box cutter or serrated knife


For my children's restaurhaunt theme, I created a game called "The Crate Escape" where guests must throw skulls through the holes in a crate to feed the zombies inside.

Part 1: Remove the Drawers from a Tall Dresser

You certainly don't have to use a dresser. I just happened to have one that will give support to the cardboard facade and it will also help me to collect the skulls that people will be throwing.

Make notes and measure out where the openings are in the dresser. You'll want to map these out on your cardboard in order to judge where to cut the holes later.

Part 2: Create the Facade

I used a large piece of cardboard as my base for the facade. There is a detailed tutorial on how to create the effect of faux boards that I wrote. I suggest you check it out before going forward.

A brief summary of what's done at this stage:

  • Spray paint it black
  • Dip the brush in a dab of white paint and a little water
  • Drag the brush to create the boards over the black
  • Define the black spaces between boards with black paint
  • Outline boards with white

Use the same technique to create boards and attach them to the crate. You might want to paint more holes to appear as though they are being partially covered by the boards.

Cut out holes in the crate (within the correct measurements - remember, you want the holes to match up with your open drawers).

The holes should be the size of whatever people will be throwing. I picked up some squishy skulls (with really gross blood and maggots inside) at the dollar store.

This is a great time to remind people that you need to pay attention and be careful when making props. I ended up slicing my finger while cutting the holes in the cardboard. Scott, a mache master (from recently cut the tip of his finger off, and he instantly came to mind when I cut myself: "Hmm. I pulled a stolloween". So be careful!

Part 3: Print Out Some Zombies

Go online and find some zombie pictures. I went through the internet and picked some of my favourite zombie masks. I saved them, resized them and printed them out.

I taped one so it was right against the cardboard, looking out the centre hole. I then taped two more inside the top drawer of the dresser, positioned so they are visible through the top holes.

Put a light inside the drawer (I suggest using a one dollar plastic light run on batteries) when it's all set up so that people can get a glimpse of the faces inside.

Part 4: Make a Sign

Get a smaller piece of cardboard and paint a sign using the faux wood technique.

I found some fonts I liked online (do a search for carnival fonts) and printed these "The Crate Escape" out using Microsoft Word. I cut out the letters and glued them in place with glow-in-the-dark modge podge.